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The Conturex from Weinig

Two processing units work in tandem, saving you a great deal of time. Two tool changers, which can be fitted with any tools necessary, ensure non-stop processing with no downtimes for changeovers. We feed the design specifications of your workpieces directly into the Conturex software. Parts with extremely varying contours and of any batch size can now be produced with zero retooling times.


The Conturex – major benefits in terms of flexibility:

  • Complete processing, even of complex workpieces, with 2 processing units
  • Precision workpiece held by the WEINIG PowerGrip clamping system
  • Optimum ergonomics and user-friendliness
  • Processing of small and thin parts with zero changeover time
  • Simple data transfer
  • Just-in-time production
  • Highest dimensional accuracy
  • Top surface quality